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Shop Using Zippay - Buy Now, Pay Later, Interest-Free!

Shop Using Zippay - Buy Now, Pay Later, Interest-Free!

  • "You could easily win a competition for the coolest commuter in town"

    Self Propelled Magazine -

  • "Kudos to the Halfbike team for creating something that is actually original"

    Seth's Bike Hacks

  • "The pure joy of riding that it brings will motivate you to go out and have some fun. Just feel the ride and follow your body"

  • "Without doubt the Halfbike is a head turner"

    Self Propelled Magazine -

  • "I also like the fact that it is compact enough to throw in the trunk of a car or carry up some stairs"

    Seth's Bike Hacks


  • “(PARKIS)…would also look great in the reception area of a business that wanted to make a stylish and public statement of support for cycling”

  • "All biking enthusiasts, this product is dedicated to you! An automatized bicycle parking lift can be yours more easily than you would expect"

  • "You may find bike hooks and similar solutions for bicycle parking but the PARKIS team came up with an extra feature, physically effortless bike parking"

  • “Bike hooks and hoists have been around for ages, but most of these space-saving storage solutions are out of reach for those without the strength to lift a bicycle”

  • "...most of the people that I know love cycling. You know what they love a whole lot less? Storing their bikes in their undersized apartments.

    That’s where Parkis, a smart space-saving solution for cyclists comes in"

  • "The innovative bike rack allows cyclists to safely store bikes inside their home while taking up minimal floor space. The vertical rack can be placed indoors or on a balcony and lifts the bike up smoothly, without making you do much more than press a button. Releasing the bike comes just as easily"