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PARKIS - The Ultimaite Bike Lift / Bike Rack / Bike Hook Replacement - On Sale

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    PARKIS is the 21st-century answer to bike storage.Easy and safe to operate by users of any age, PARKIS is a mechanical bike lift that required no electrical power a minimal human effort. It allows you to maximise valuable storage space, whilst allowing easy and safe access to your bike.

    Save damage to yourself, your bike and items stored close by (such as cars).

    Perfect for small homes, balconies, in your office or garage, PARKIS is a practical and stylish solution!




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PARKIS is a 21st Century solution to an old problem. Storing bikes can be cumbersome, physically demanding and expensive when it comes to damaging precious bikes as well as surrounding areas like car doors. PARKIS changes all this, is beautifully made and it looks stylish to boot.

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