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Please find a list of the more Frequently Asked Questions about owning and maintaining PARKIS. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please Contact Us and we will be more than happy to help in any way we can.

Why is PARKIS different from using a bike hook or rack?
One of the big advantages over many traditional bike storage methods is that there is no requirement for physical effort or lifting to store the bike using PARKIS. Even the lightest bike can be difficult to control whilst being lifted onto the bike hook or raised rack. PARKIS is also a very efficient use of space using about 40% less floor space than a horizontal rack and does so without the tangling of cables, pedals, handlebars and accessories often associated with bike storage.
How does PARKIS help to save space?
Parking your bike in a vertical position will save around 40% of your floor space, so it is perfect for apartments, balconies or other limited storage areas. If you are storing more than one bike, you can mount PARKIS surprisingly close together (see details here). PARKIS also allows you bike to be stored in a way which means you are less likely to damage it, yourself or anything in the surrounding area.
Will PARKIS fit my Bike?
PARKIS will fit most standard size bikes, however, bikes come in many specifications and so PARKIS will not suit all bikes. To check if it is right for you click Here. There are plans for new configurations of PARKIS that will cater for a wider range of bike specifications, as well as for outdoor and public spaces. If you are unsure if PARKIS will fit your bike and would like to check Contact Us and we will be happy to help. To keep up to date with future product developments, subscribe to our newsletter below.
Can I mount PARKIS anywhere?
PARKIS is designed to be mounted to a flat concrete or brick wall, but you can also mount it on wooden or plaster wall so long as you are confident it can withstand the load. It can also be mounted to rails or posts using the optional mounting bracket accessory. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.
Are there any safety risks in using PARKIS?
PARKIS was designed to aid in the reduction of possible injuries involved in the lifting and bending often involved in bike storage. In addition to the possible physical strain, the PARKIS dolly unit (wheel locking mechanism) will automatically 'brake' in position if the bike is forcibly removed or works free so as to ensure it does not rapidly relocate to the 'unloaded' position and cause damage or injury. However, PARKIS cannot be totally risk free and appropriate care should be taken in its operation. See also separate FAQ relating to children using PARKIS.
How do I calculate the space to mount PARKIS for multiple bikes?
This situation is specific to the bikes you own as it is based on the width of the handlebars. This diagram should help with the calculations. There are also more details Here 
Does PARKIS need any maintenance?
PARKIS is maintenance free, however, the manufacturer recommends that you should not leave your PARKIS in the 'unloaded' position for extended lengths of time. Every PARKIS is supplied with a user manual with more details.
Where should I use my PARKIS?
PARKIS can be mounted anywhere there is a suitable fixing point, however, it is designed to be used under cover - even if this is in an outdoor environment (Balcony, free standing awning, carport etc) and not exposed to rain or extended periods of direct sunlight, salt spray etc.
Does PARKIS include a locking mechanism?
No, PARKIS is a vertical bike rack which will hold you bike in position via its loading mechanism. If you reqire a lock to be fixed to your bike for security purposes we recommend fixing a secure metal loop or similar adjaced to your PARKIS and secure the bike using a standard bike locking method.
Should I let my young children use PARKIS?
PARKIS is designed to be safe to operate for people of all ages. However, safety is our highest priority and we recommend that for younger children they operate PARKIS under close adult supervision.