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Shop Using Zippay - Buy Now, Pay Later, Interest-Free!

How to Install and Use PARKIS:

PARKIS is easy to install right out of the box. Every unit comes with its own set of operation and maintenance instructions along with screws and wall plugs. This video will show you just how straightforward it is to start using your PARKIS. If you happen to be installing in brick, masonry or metal structures then, of course, you will need to make sure you are using the appropriate drill bit. Always ensure the structure you are mounting to is able to support the Bike and PARKIS unit and their operation before drilling


Using a PARKIS could not be easier. Simply load up the front wheel and let PARKIS do the rest. This video shows just how easy it really is. In you need any more information there is an instruction book supplied with every unit. For more support email us at


Take an extended look at PARKIS in action and get to see the people behind the product - Inventors Bronius and Vygantas


PARKIS was invented to help solve the problem of storing a bike efficiently without having to lift the bike into position and potentially causing damage to both the bike and surrounding property. It was a product of a very successful Kickstarter campaign and this was their video pitch